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Our Healthcare solutions cover specialized services and requirements, enabling your organization to do more, better. While highly specialized, our solutions are proven to excel in a dynamic and ever-changing environment.


Who it’s for

ClinicalLink offers physicians and clinicians secure access to patient data from a variety of different systems, including EHR databases, laboratory results systems, pharmacies and other clinical databases. It makes patient care easier for providers – and ultimately, that makes a difference in patients’ lives.

How it’s different

ClinicalLink is a secure, web-based solution that removes the time-consuming task of gathering patient data from disparate systems, offering a holistic view of patient information. Using ClinicalLink, physicians can view vital patient information in one comprehensive, configurable, mobile-friendly view. A highly configurable user interface and workflow capabilities allow the application to be set up to best suit the needs of individual providers and processes. The solution also offers audit reporting capabilities for healthcare organizations to protect privacy and ensure data security.

ClinicalLink helps with:

Treating a patient – and in some situations saving a life – depends on timely access to patient information. By integrating patient data from disparate systems, ClinicalLink empowers physicians to make faster, better-informed diagnoses and treatment decisions.

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Who it’s for

Medworxx helps hospitals tackle patient flow challenges and requirements for compliance and education.

How it’s different

Medworxx provides an industry-standard patient flow software solution, and comprehensive education tools that assist hospitals in their day-to-day management, compliance and education requirements.

Medworxx helps with:

The Medworxx Patient Flow platform provides real-time analytics that address patient throughput and capacity management challenges. Patient assessments conducted daily, in less than two minutes; helping to ensure that patients are receiving the right care at the right time in the right place.

The Medworxx Compliance and Education solution enables healthcare organizations to easily create and deploy relevant content enterprise-wide, while supporting regulatory and other compliance requirements.

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