Medworxx Patient Flow Solutions

Medworxx Patient Flow software enables appropriate care transitions and fewer readmissions across the continuum of care.

Why it’s different

Unlike other Patient Flow technology, Medworxx is the only Patient Flow solution to use internationally recognized evidence based Clinical Criteria to assess the appropriateness of each patient’s day of stay.

Why you need it

Medworxx Patient Flow Solutions powered by CentralSquare helps hospitals ensure care transitions are appropriate and improve in key performance areas including:

  • Emergency department wait times
  • Admissions volumes
  • Length of stay
  • Resource utilization
  • Timely discharge
  • Bed turnover
  • Denials
  • Readmissions
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Hospital margins

What you get

Patients can arrive at the next appropriate care setting faster with any one or a combination of Medworxx care solutions:

  • Patient Throughput Review – Performance improvement-focused diagnostic review that leverages Medworxx’ robust, objective criteria to identify barriers and delays to patient flow prior to the decision to fully implement Clinical Criteria. Learn More
  • Clinical Criteria – Real-time clinical decision support tool that eliminates clinical subjectivity and standardizes patient flow data collection providing reasons for barriers and delays in care transitions for every patient, every day. Learn More
  • Bed Management – Software that provides care teams with visibility into the status of in each patient’s journey and enables bed demand and capacity management across a single hospital or from multiple sites within a health system. Learn More
  • Forms & Assessments – Easy-to-use web-based solution for customizable reporting on performance measurement and improvement, high-risk discharge planning, and clinical workflow management. Learn More

See it in Action

Schedule a demo and learn how this CentralSquare solution could benefit your business.