Medworxx Patient Throughput Review

Medworxx Patient Throughput Review leverages the robust capabilities of the Medworxx Patient Flow platform to identify barriers and delays in patient flow without full implementation.Patient Throughput Review helps hospitals to quickly and easily establish baseline patient throughput and capacity management performance using Medworxx Clinical Criteria. With Medworxx data, the financial impact and reasons for inappropriate utilization and delayed discharge become accessible allowing decision makers to prioritize and address challenges with the highest return on investment.

What Hospitals Unlock with Medworxx Patient Throughput Review:

  • High-quality, typically unavailable data
  • A snapshot of current patient flow performance including length of stay, conservable and avoidable days, preventable readmissions, and more 
  • Reasons for barriers and delays in patient flow 
  • Analysis of bed utilization effectiveness
  • Recommendations on how to improve flow, eliminate waste/delays, reduce unnecessary utilization

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