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Solutions for Public Sector

Public Sector organizations have special requirements for the software solutions they use for everyday business. Our products are built with this in mind, leading the way in evolving business practices while respecting your unique needs.


Who it’s for

CentralSquare’s Advanced Public Safety provides automated solutions that enable law enforcement to work smarter, safer and faster.

How it’s different

With more than 320 million citizens and thousands of cities and towns to protect in the United States, law enforcement need innovative technologies that will help them stay on top of it all. At APS we develop state-of-the-art technologies for law enforcement and are committed to delivering products that they can rely on now and in the future. We partner with law enforcement to ensure that as they serve around-the-clock to protect U.S. citizens and property that they are equipped with the best solutions to do their jobs efficiently.

APS helps with:

  • Electronic Citations – Virtual Partner 2.0 allows officers to issue traffic citations, parking tickets and complete other law enforcement forms
  • Electronic Crash Reports – ReportBeam allows your officers to complete accident reports faster and more accurately, creating safer communities

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Diamond ERP

Who it’s for

Diamond is a leading provider of financial ERP systems for local government in North America.

How it’s different

Built on Microsoft Dynamics GP platform, Diamond offers public sector specific solutions for financials, municipal and citizen self-service in one complete ERP. The result is a unique and powerful blend of industry functionality and Microsoft’s technology stack.

Diamond helps with:

  • Financial Management – Comprehensive financial planning as well as management of projects, procurement processes and suppliers.
  • Revenue Management – Property Taxation and Utility billing
  • Asset Management – Compliance with PSAB and GASB standards.
  • Human Resource Management – Tightly integrated HR and payroll modules.
  • Municipal systems – Specializedbusiness processes such as building permits, ticketing, business and pet licensing.
  • Citizen Facing web services – 24x7 citizen access for key inquiries, applications and payments

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Who it’s for

FDM combines industry expertise and robust software development to meet the critical needs of emergency responders.

How it’s different

FDM gives you a complete ‘off-the-shelf’ application with the flexibility to customize the structure, appearance and behavior of the software.

FDM helps with:

  • Records Management – Streamline data entry, reporting and analysis with FDM RMS, a fully configurable integrated Records Management System that is specifically tailored to Fire and EMS agencies.
  • Computer Aided Dispatch – FDM Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) provides mission-critical information that speeds response time and saves lives.
  • Analytics – FDM Reporting and Analysis tools help you improve how you do business, making you safer, more effective, and more efficient.

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iCity ERP

Who it’s for

iCity® develops and supports financial ERP systems for the public sector. We are dedicated to this marketing and bring to the table more than 40 years of public sector insight and experience. Solutions are designed specifically for local government and utility companies in North America.

How it’s different

iCity is designed and built from the ground up independent of partner royalties making it affordable for our customers’ long term investment. As development leaders, iCity is continually advancing clients with innovative technology to improve business efficiency. As a completely integrated financial, billing and municipal ERP, local government not only receives day to day operational tools but also is provided with citizen facing functionality. iCity is compliant with both the Public Sector Accounting Board (PSAB) as well as the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB). In addition to robust reporting tools, iCity offers:.

  • Financials: From planning to financial management, procurement and data tracking
  • Revenue: Property taxation and utility billing
  • Human Resources: Payroll
  • Municipal: Permitting, licencing and ticketing
  • Citizen services: Online inquiry, personal data management and payment applications.

iCity helps with:

  • Citizen engagement
  • Financial reporting
  • Public sector accountability requirements
  • Planning and municipal growth
  • Asset Management
  • and more…

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Jurisdiction Online

Who it’s for

Jurisdiction Online offers a cloud-based suite of software products supporting regulatory and risk management workflows for state and local governments, insurance carriers and numerous other private sector companies.

How it’s different

Jurisdiction Online is built with a “bottom up” focus, designed from the end-user perspective and for very specific and unique regulatory workflows. The software’s architecture and delivery methods have received multiple patents for a variety of regulatory disciplines. Jurisdiction Online is built in a modular fashion and can be configured to support a variety of functional needs – from permitting and inspection to licensing and registration – making it easy to deploy and maintain.

Jurisdiction Online helps with:

Jurisdiction Online’s capabilities touch a multitude of roles and responsibilities within the regulatory process. These areas include:

  • Boiler and pressure vessel permitting and inspection
  • Elevator permitting and inspection
  • Amusement park ride permitting and inspection
  • General permitting and inspection
  • Building code enforcement
  • Licensing
  • Planning and zoning

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Who it’s for

PathFive is a cloud-based program management platform designed for education and local government. It allows us to work as a community to deploy beautifully designed, easy to use powerful applications.

How it’s different

With a variety of applications across multiple platforms, PathFive is an all in one solution complete with a website design and editing capabilities. It allows you to choose where you want your data stored, replicated and backed up. That means you get all the benefits of cloud technology like instant-on, transparent updates, and anytime access without the stress of managing server equipment.

We integrate our secure sign-in with Facebook and Google. That means one less password for students, parents and citizens to manage. When they create an account it’s like offering them a personalized passport to your online services.

PathFive helps with:

  • Website creation
  • Recreation Management
  • Facilities and Event Management
  • E-Commerce
  • Cash Register
  • Storefront
  • Calendar Integration
  • Work Orders
  • Intranet
  • Newsletters
  • Parent-Teacher Interviews
  • Substitute Teacher Placement
  • Transportation (Bus Routes)
  • Time Entry
  • Electronic Waivers
  • Job Board

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Stone Orchard

Who it’s for

Stone Orchard Software offers Premium software for Cemeteries, Crematoriums and Funeral Homes.

How it’s different

Stone Orchard is the result of many years of planning, design and development. We always involve the participation of active Cemeteries, Crematoriums and Funeral homes to design and update our software in order to continually meet the needs of our profession.

Stone Orchard helps with:

  • Planning,
  • Designing
  • Advancing premium software for Cemeteries, Crematoriums and Funeral homes.

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Who it’s for

Tempest is the pre-eminent supplier of Windows-based property and revenue systems for the local government sector. Tempest develops innovative solutions for our clients to address their complex, changing, and increasingly demanding requirements.

How it’s different

Our extensive experience and specialization in the local government market uniquely qualify us to provide your organization with a complete solution starting with fit analysis consulting and leading you to post-implementation reviews and end-user training. Our certified project management and implementation teams will meet your needs and help you move forward with your goals of application integration and better customer service. Tempest clients range in size from smaller municipalities, such as the City of Lynden, Washington (with a population of approximately 12,000), to large cities, such as the City of Vancouver, British Columbia (with a population in excess of 600,000 residents).

Tempest helps with:

Tempest’s extensive suite of products has earned a reputation for configurability, scalability, and ease of use. In addition, our track record for delivering on-time and on-budget continues to set a benchmark in the Software Industry. Tempest’s suite of products is developed with the cooperation of cities, municipalities and regional governments our software allows staff and customers to view all aspects of a property in an environment that is both easy to use and comprehensive.

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Who it’s for

USTI develops, supports and markets integrated municipal government software throughout the United States and Canada. With over 37 years of experience, USTI supports over 900 customers across North America.

How it’s different

USTI is a budget friendly solution suite with unmatched functionality. With a similar look and feel to Microsoft products, USTI is easy to use yet sophisticated enough to handle your municipality’s specialized needs. All of USTI’s municipal government software modules are tightly integrated with the ability to drill down to the source and can be implemented piece by piece on your time schedule.

USTI helps with:

  • Fund Accounting – USTI’s integrated fund accounting and payroll solution will allow your organization to effectively manage multiple funds and projects.
  • Utility Billing – USTI’s utility billing software is a true cycle billing system that allows your organization to bill for unlimited metered, non-metered and non-recurring charges. Streamline your utility with integrated services orders, electronic readings, delinquent processing and integrated payments.
  • General Government – USTI’s general government software allows your organization to track and automate the processing of tax bills, permits, licenses and all code violations. Automate the renewals, inspections and reporting of all activities in your organization.
  • Municipal Courts & Public Safety – USTI’s municipal court and public safety modules are designed to automate the information gathering and reporting needs of municipal court and police departments. Citations are entered into the system once so that the data flows from the police to the integrated municipal court database.

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Who it’s for

WorkTech Inc. specializes in providing solutions to municipal governments, school boards and power utility companies. Our world-class asset, service and work management software reflects the needs of public sector companies in the marketplace.

Our solutions are especially designed for managers in the:

  • Accounting,
  • Finance,
  • Public Works,
  • Information Technology and
  • Engineering Departments.

How it’s different

WorkTech provides a simple easy-to-use, unified platform that can track and manage the full range of municipal assets, address compliance issues, manage accounting and asset-related challenges across multiple departments, integrate smoothly with key systems like geographic information systems (GIS), perform asset monitoring and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

WorkTech helps with:

  • Work Management – Track the progress and completion of work orders, events, requests and tasks assigned to internal or external parties. Demonstrate compliance with minimum maintenance standards by using user defined Service Types and Service Classes to determine service standards.
  • Asset Management – Meet the Public Sector Accounting Board’s 3150 regulations. Exceed the minimum requirements by modelling and understanding long term funding requirements and service level plans.

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Who it’s for

Yfactor provides a web-based marketing and technology solution for economic development and tourism for both non-profit and for-profit sectors.

How it’s different

Yfactor gives you a flexible and user-friendly website content management system (CMS) that’s flexible:

  • Keep it simple – iCMS is a modular, web-based content management system (WCMS) that makes the process of keeping a website up to date easier.
  • Share the load – Assign sections of the site to different people to share the workload. Simple tools help to manage workflow and approvals.
  • Be accessible & be mobile – Complying with accessibility legislation and being mobile friendly is important for your website visitors. iCMS makes both easy.
  • No desktop software, no server, no hassle – iCMS is cloud-hosted so you can just log in and update.

Yfactor helps with:

Unlike other similar tools, iCMS offers many different configuration choices ranging from single websites to any combination of multiple websites, public websites, private websites and multilingual websites.

  • Mobile friendly, iCMS supports responsive design
  • Accessibility compliant
  • Supports multiple websites and portals
  • Supports multilingual websites
  • Easily manages one or many users
  • Extend functionality by integrating third party tools or software

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