Fire Records (Powered by FDM)

Keep responders safer and make smart decisions with accurate data


Running a fire department involves a lot of logistical details and processes that need to be flawless when that fire alarm sounds. Disjointed data streams can result in wasted time and administrative headaches to correlate information into a cohesive report to meet NFIRS and NFPA requirements as well as justify staffing and budget needs.


CentralSquare Fire Records is a fully integrated fire RMS that simplifies data collection, provides responders and administrators with relevant event summaries and is equipped with a robust report generation tool. Fire Records will help agencies make smarter decisions on resource deployment and budget expenditures by providing easily configurable reports.


Agencies see improved ISO ratings as Fire Records delivers thorough and accurate reports designed to highlight relevant rating criteria. With accurate and efficient tracking of incident data, training efforts, water supply capabilities and equipment maintenance, agencies can produce reports which satisfies many NFIRS, ISO and NFPA requirements which can result in the community benefiting from lower insurance premiums.

Modules and functionality

    Get rid of your paper and pencils and record your inspection details in the mobile app. Pin your locations on the map to plan the most efficient route. Access all the information you need for each type of inspection you’ve been assigned to including hazards, property information, photos, previous violations, notes and contacts for the respective building.
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    Ensure your reports contain consistent and accurate data as pertinent details are carried forward from CAD to ensure your NFIRS and NFPA reports are accurate.
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    Create the best tactical response to fire by always having your hydrant locations and flowrates at your fingertips.
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    Improve your ISO scoring by tracking attendance and course content to confirm your personnel are up to date on the latest safety techniques for mitigating emergencies.
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    Need to track other activities that happen daily or weekly in addition to your training and inspections? Use Department Activities to log your hydrant testing, smoke fit tests and other departmental tasks.
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    Document equipment locations, assignments and testing results of your critical equipment to meet ISO and NFPA requirements. Easily trend usage and create replacement schedules to improve responder safety and better manage budget funds.
    Accurately document premise hazards, occupancy types and utility locations to help your responders create the safest incident action plan before they arrive on-scene.
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    Station Commanders can avoid HR calls by quickly finding the information they need on their team in the Personnel Module, as well as keep track of any information that they need to reference about their personnel.
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    Always have your permit details handy to quickly answer questions on applicant names, dates, permit types, property locations, licensee information and more.
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    Improve firefighter safety by tracking station and unit assignments while on-duty and ensure accurate accountability of personnel movements and best use of resources.

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