Designed to provide public safety administrators and end-users with flexible customization options, FDM offers a suite of industry-leading solutions for Records Management, Computer-Aided Dispatch and Analytics for emergency agencies.

Why it’s different

FDM gives you the best of both worlds: a complete “off-the-shelf” application and the option to modify everything from the structure and the appearance to the behavior of the software.

Why you need it

FDM Records Management System (RMS) – FDM RMS is the most comprehensive solution for data capture and reporting used in the fire and EMS industry today. With its modular design and innovative functionality, the FDM RMS offers users a wide range of tools, varying from reporting incident data to managing personnel.

FDM Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) – FDM Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) was purpose built for public safety professionals, with single-click access to mission-critical info that speeds response time and saves lives.

FDM Reporting and Analytics – FDM Reporting and Analytics tools ease reporting to government agencies, while providing the analyst and the decision maker the information they need to make evidence-based decisions.

What you get

FDM Records Management

FDM’s Records Management System (RMS) is a fully customizable integrated data management platform that’s fast, reliable and easy to use and optimized to streamline data entry, reporting and analysis.

  • Integrated Modules – the solution is composed of several purpose build modules that are fully integrated to simplify navigation
  • Flexible – Fully customizable and integrated with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Reliable – Related records are automatically linked to save time and increase efficiency.

Data validation tool ensures data consistency and accuracy. A comprehensive security model controls end user access to data

FDM Computer Aided Dispatch

FDM Computer-Aided Dispatch System (CAD) is a fully integrated, real-time incident management and mapping system allowing Fire and EMS agencies to quickly prioritize resource assignments during emergency responses.

  • Intuitive – Minimal screen layering and color-coding reduces error when monitoring incident status and resources.
  • FDM Mobile CAD ensures rapid deployment in the field with real time statusing, integrated mapping, best routing, full messaging and access to critical data about properties and hazardous material

FDM Analytics

FDM Analytics help you find the gold in your data, instantly, and without IT intervention. FDM has worked with fire agency experts to build a set of Incidents, Inspections and Training dashboards that tracks trends and compliance with operational objectives.

  • Incidents Dashboards provide a high level view of all incidents by response area and the ability to drill down to spot problems, and take action.
  • Training Dashboards provide a snapshot of training completed for a specified period and a quick summary of competence by subject area for each division or station.
  • Inspections Dashboards provide a comprehensive and integrated view of inspections data, and the ability to identify trends by status of inspection and inspection item.

See it in Action

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