Jurisdiction Online

Jurisdiction Online offers a cloud-based suite of software products supporting regulatory and risk management workflows for state and local governments, insurance carriers and numerous other private sector companies. More than 3,500 users across 31 state regulatory agencies, 90 local jurisdictions, and multiple Fortune 500 companies use Jurisdiction Online daily to manage workflows.

Why it’s different

Jurisdiction Online is built with a “bottom up” focus, designed from the end-user perspective and for very specific and unique regulatory workflows. Jurisdiction Online can be configured at an enterprise level to manage every workflow for a government agency, or specifically deployed to support the unique needs of a single code enforcement department. The software also addresses jurisdictional accounting needs associated with regulatory activities.

Why you need it

Safety is too important and critical of a function to compromise with homegrown software, spreadsheets, and one-size-fits-all solutions doing things they were never designed to do. Jurisdiction Online allows users to unify data and enable collaboration between stakeholders while automating workflows and reducing operational costs. Jurisdiction Online’s capabilities touch a multitude of roles and responsibilities within the regulatory process.

What you get

Jurisdiction Online is a collaborative, unifying system that can be used by all stakeholders within a program area, both jurisdictional and commercial, while supporting the needs of multiple programs within a department or division.


The Jurisdiction Online suite of patented products is built and configured to support the workflows of regulatory agencies and the industry participants they regulate.

  • Boiler and Pressure Vessel – he Boiler and Pressure Vessel Product from Jurisdiction Online supports the entire workflow – from initial permitting to recurring inspections and certification – for regulatory departments, insurance companies, and other industry participants.
  • Elevator – Jurisdiction Online Elevator is a field-tested and proven conveyance solution that is a location-centric product representing a reliable, configurable and scalable system.
  • Amusement – Designed to support the workflow of an amusement ride division, the amusement ride inspection system is company, device, and event-centric.
  • Building Code Enforcement – The Building Code Enforcement Product offers a highly configurable and user-friendly design to support land management workflows for government agencies.
  • Portal – Jurisdiction Online’s Public Portal connects public stakeholders to the Jurisdictions that use Jurisdiction Online by supporting searches for publicly accessible data; facilitating online applications for jurisdictional requests; and allowing the public to pay Jurisdictional invoices through online payments by integrating with the Client’s payment processor.
  • Licensing and Permitting – Jurisdiction Online’s licensing and permitting solution supports license or permit application, license renewal, license or permit invoice payment, accounting/back office support, and reporting.

See it in Action

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