Stone Orchard

Stone Orchard cemetery management is the perfect stand alone or companion product for any municipality. With Stone Orchard, cemetery operations are made more efficient with automated administration, simple records management and online information search.

Why it’s different

Stone Orchard is developed for cemeteries and crematoriums. Through client and industry professional consultation, Stone Orchard is developed for the industry with the input of the industry.

Why you need it

Stone Orchard saves time from manual data entry and record management. Data duplication is prevented resulting in error-free records.

  • Cemeteries – Prevent errors through accurate records, automate repetitive tasks and compliance reports. Improve customer service through advanced queries.
  • Crematoria – Maintain accurate records, automate production of standard documents such as cremation certificates, letters and government reports.

What you get

With Stone Orchard, you get what you need and nothing else as it offers an a la carte module purchase structure.


  • Cemetery core
  • Cemetery mapping
  • iCemetery app
  • Customer Kiosk
  • Managing multiple cemeteries
  • Multiple users
  • Office templates
  • Sales functionality
  • Windows tablet


  • Crematorium Core
  • Managing Multiple Crematoriums
  • Multiple Users
  • Office Templates
  • Sales Functionality

See it in Action

Schedule a demo and learn how this CentralSquare solution could benefit your business.