WorkTech is a comprehensive asset planning, valuation and condition assessment tool for municipal government with seamless financial system integration.

Why it’s different

WorkTech products take a forward-looking approach to asset, service and work management for long-term financial sustainability.

WorkTech has the tools to plan, procure, maintain, repair, replace and dispose of your assets in real time in order to optimize efficiency and keep tight control of costs. Infrastructure spending is typically the largest financial commitment for a local government, and so we have made WorkTech’s financial integration its distinctive hallmark.

WorkTech also integrates smoothly with other key systems like geographic information systems to provide clear, easy to use spatial references.

Why you need it

Track assets, their condition and required work in whatever detail you desire. Assign people and equipment to work and track expenses to better understand and manage service level accomplishment.

Solutions for:

  • Work Management – Track the progress and completion of work orders, events, requests and tasks assigned to internal or external parties. Demonstrate compliance with minimum maintenance standards by using user defined Service Types and Service Classes to determine service standards.
  • Asset Management – Meet the Public Sector Accounting Board’s 3150 regulations. Exceed the minimum requirements by modelling and understanding long term funding requirements and service level plans.

What you get

Everything for asset and work management, including:

  • Asset accounts
  • Assets inventory
  • Asset Performance
  • Projects
  • GIS integration suite
  • Asset mapping suite
  • Equipment and fleet
  • Inventory
  • Requests & work
  • Public service requests
  • Time sheets

See it in Action

Schedule a demo and learn how this CentralSquare solution could benefit your business.