Yfactor provides you with an industry-leading responsive, multi-user, multi-website content management system.

Why it’s different

Unlike other CMS options, the Yfactor iCMS solution offers many different configuration choices ranging from single websites to any combination of multiple websites, public websites, private websites and multilingual websites.

Why you need it

Yfactor iCMS solution is designed for website managers that need to:

  • View across mobile devices – iCMS supports responsive design, making it easy for visitors to view your website on their mobile devices.
  • Be accessibility compliant – iCMS can meet even the most stringent accessibility requirements.
  • Reduce website publishing costs – Shift website updates to internal staff and increase efficiencies.
  • Ensure information is current – iCMS has tools to help keep track of what needs to be updated when.
  • Manage non-technical publishers – iCMS is simple to learn and to use since it looks and feels like familiar word processing tools.
  • Look after multiple websites – iCMS can be configured to manage and maintain multiple, connected websites.

What you get


  • Mobile friendly, iCMS supports responsive design
  • Accessibility compliant
  • Supports multiple websites and portals
  • Supports multilingual websites
  • Easily manages one or many users
  • Extend functionality by integrating third party tools or software

Managing Content

  • Intuitive, web-based page and content management
  • Multi-user, multiple access levels
  • Page roll-back, audit trail tracking
  • Publishing automation and workflow
  • Integrated polls, forms and surveys

Quick Polls, Forms and Surveys

  • Create all kinds of simple polls or complex forms
  • Set up and administer short or long surveys
  • Analyze data in aggregate or view detailed submissions
  • Email or export data
  • Easily administer access to polls, forms and surveys through iCMS user management

Video and Photo Gallery

  • Upload photos to a gallery that automatically creates thumbnails and enables slideshow viewing
  • Upload videos to a collection that viewers can browse by category and optionally comment on
  • See who last published your page and when
  • See what changes were made in previous versions

Responsive Design

  • Same content can be used for all screens
  • Layouts shuffle to suit screen size
  • Easy to navigate on all devices
  • Automatically simplified menu bars
  • Functionality of iCMS extended to all devices

Accessibility Compliance

  • W3C compliant (WCAG 2.0 Level A or AA Guidelines)
  • Visitors can navigate the website without the use of a mouse
  • Scalable, high contrast, sans serif text
  • Tables used only for data
  • Descriptive links & buttons

Reliable & Proven

  • Cloud hosted software that can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection
  • Video tutorials
  • Printable step by step guide

See it in Action

Schedule a demo and learn how this CentralSquare solution could benefit your business.